Tonight I was briefly talking with a reader who is going through an extraordinarily difficult time in her life. She has things going on that I have never been through, and I can’t imagine, but she told me that my books have ministered to her. They’ve helped her to feel that she wasn’t alone. I’m … More Wrecked

Final Camdyn Book?

Today is the official release day of For No Reason, the fourth and final volume of The Camdyn Series. Ending the story was pretty bittersweet for me, and according to my early reviewers, I think it’s safe to say they felt the same way. Why does it have to end??? Can’t we get just one more … More Final Camdyn Book?

The Dreaded Review

When I saw that thousands of downloads of my book had taken place, I was thrilled that people who might not have seen it before would take notice, but I also mentally prepared myself for that review. What review, you ask? “This book is a steaming pile of garbage and I’m deleting it ASAP?” No, … More The Dreaded Review