Tonight I was briefly talking with a reader who is going through an extraordinarily difficult time in her life. She has things going on that I have never been through, and I can’t imagine, but she told me that my books have ministered to her.

They’ve helped her to feel that she wasn’t alone.

I’m not going to lie…that pretty much wrecked me tonight. For someone who tends to get a few of those “not Christian enough” reviews, knowing that my words impacted someone is pretty humbling.

I write the stories God gives me in a way that I hope is true to life, honest, and real, but the plain fact is,

I’m not “Christian enough.”

I’m a mess of mistakes and imperfections, with a big God who sees past them and dares to use me as a method to get His love across. Dares to use my words and my made-up characters to impact real lives in a messed up world. My books don’t look like sermons, because real life doesn’t look like sermons. It looks like crazy drivers on my way to work in the morning, extra jobs to do at the office, kids that don’t want what I made for dinner, and a still, small voice behind it all telling me that I’m not alone and I have value.

Cover For No Reason Kindle

In book four of The Camdyn Series, Rosalie tells Camdyn that sometimes God allows us to go through things in our lives so we’ll better understand someone else’s pain down the road. I can’t help feeling a bit like Camdyn myself tonight. And I’m wondering how different my life would look if I viewed every heartache as something that God could one day use to assure someone else that they have value.

Thankful tonight that God uses broken vessels.



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