My First Camdyn Thoughts

Okay, so technically these aren’t my first Camdyn thoughts – those have been happening for a while now.  And as far as Camdyn actions, I think I am picking those up, too.  Yesterday I burnt my hand on a hot dog.  Yes, you read that correctly – a hot dog.  My first thought was, “I’m becoming Camdyn Taylor.”  I suppose if you spend enough time with any person you start to resemble them a little, right?  Does that count for fictional people, too?  If so, then let the tripping commence.

As far as book news goes, the writing is going beautifully.  Marketing…eh.  It’s not my forte.  It is just really strange to walk around to people saying, “Hey, will you like me?  Buy my book?  Pretty please?”  It’s not natural.  It feels narcissistic.  It’s definitely not me.

(Seriously, though.  Please like me.  Please buy my book.)

Weird thoughts aside, I have had a lot of people ask me where I got the idea for Camdyn and Cole.  I’m pretty much a daydreamer, to be honest.  That’s about all I can give you.  I can, however, tell you where I got the idea for Willa.

This winter I was working on some genealogy research for my dad, and I came across my own fifth great-grandmother Hannah Youree, who traveled from Virginia to Tennessee.  Her headstone fascinated me.  It said, “A pioneer; the first white woman to cross Hatchie River, settling one mile east of this place in 1820.  A woman strong of character, and many Christian virtues.  Loved by her children, respected by her friends.”  That headstone was enough to bring Willa to life in my mind.

Hannah Moore <i>Yeary</i> Shinault

In other living people news, I did something today that I never thought I would do again in my life.  My editor is completely jealous of me, I am sure of it.  I will get a text from her soon telling me so.  Since it involves book two, details will be forthcoming soon…

Speaking of book two, tentative release date set for November 12.  Can’t wait for you to read all my Camdyn thoughts.

Until then, I will continue to focus on not burning myself again.

Camdynly yours,


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