Still Beautiful

I am super proud of this beautiful flower. That’s right – I said beautiful. Never mind that it has folded in on itself, has a bit of browning on a few of the petals, and is a little broken on one side. I know what this flower has been through. When I planned my flowerbed … More Still Beautiful

Over My Head

During the past month, I did a lot of sitting in a plastic chair watching my kids take swimming lessons. My daughter loves being in the water. Even if she manages to inhale a bit while she’s under, she comes up sputtering and then goes right back down again. Meanwhile, my son clings to the … More Over My Head

Perfectly Ugly

photo used by permission (c) Shutterstock If you ever plan to read one of my books, I’ll warn you in advance: My book characters all have a little ugly lurking in their stories. I think it’s a prerequisite for me to think them interesting enough to write about. To me, the flaws are the most … More Perfectly Ugly

A Year in Indie

On this, my official one-year publishing birthday, it feels appropriate to wax poetic a bit about this journey. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll tell you that I started this process feeling kind of alone. I really didn’t want to tell many people about my plans ahead of time, because some have a way of trying to talk you … More A Year in Indie